Words that are considered too new to include in the latest The Chambers Dictionary:
* Clairvoyantique – yesterday’s vision of the future
* Cybereavement – mourning a computer that died before back-up
* Elevatorture – listening to someone’s elevator pitch
* Fiscalamity – announcement of poor annual results
* Guruins – remains of company after visionary CEO takes golden parachute
* Migrateful – happy for lateral career move that gets you away from your boss
* Mindsharecropper – someone who horns in on your ideas and farms the best of them
* Priceberg – hidden cost of paying more than you can afford
* Pushwhacked – failed to see pushback coming
* Robusted – product with so many features that customers hate it
* Sofacillitate – ease a person out of their job and into their living room
* Telepathetic – believing that you can read your boss’ mind
* Yenabler – any country that keeps lending to Japan
* Zenvision – sound of one strategic plan slapping itself

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