Maria Lucimar Pereira, 121 years old

Today the BBC News published a story of a remarkable woman. The woman who has a birth certificate indicating the year of her birth as 1890 (that was 4 years before my grandmother was born); which makes her 121 years old.

‘The secret of her longevity: Regular dishes including grilled meat, monkey, fish, the root vegetable manioc and banana porridge, and no salt, sugar or processed foods. She has never lived in a city and does not speak Portuguese, only the language of her tribe, the Kaxinawa, which inhabits Brazil’s western Amazon and eastern Peru.’ – BBC News

Feijó, Acre

Maria Lucimar Pereira lives in an indian village, Aldeia Grota, close to a town called Feijó which is 70km from the Acre State capital of Rio Branco.

She is not alone in the longevity stakes, in Aldeia Grota which has  80 people, there are another four over 90.


Maria Lucimar Pereira's Birth Certificate

I bet she has never been to a McDonald’s…

You want to add years to your life, then your lifestyle matters, matters a lot. Dona Maria is lucid, converses well, loves telling stories to her grand and great grandchildren, participates in village life  and still carries buckets of water for her home.