Human tracks next to dinosaur tracks?

There are many strange things in this world. How about human footprints showed that man has walked with the dinosaurs in shoes, no less?

“Harkness’s discovery and mentions that he found six sets of human tracks, each with from one to 17 footprints of apparently shoe-soled feet. The tracks were apparently made by more than one person. Over the years many experienced trackers noted the fossilized tracks. All agreed the footprints were mande by humans. The stride was close to that of a normal-sized man, approximately two feet- sometimes as much as three feet. The professor believed the tracks were made during the Pliocene period. He estimated the date to be as far back as 1.8 million years”

Curioser and curioser…

“Among the artifacts gaped at by amazed scientists and museum curators are aluminum alloy screws dated as being 100 million years old.

2.8 billion year old machined sphere

More amazing yet are the thousands of machine engraved, manufactured spheres found in South Africa. The artifacts are estimated to have been made 2.8 billion years ago. And the incredible list goes on and on and on…”

These are just two examples. If you want to read more then hop aboard this link: “Footprints Through Time?”

Does time travel really exist?

A good question, next… that one’s too hard to answer.