Bullfighting in Barcelona ends with Catalonia ban

Bullfighting has declined in popularity in Catalonia

Bullfighting fans in Catalonia have seen the last fights before a ban on the age-old tradition comes into effect in Spain’s north-eastern region.

About 20,000 spectators filled Barcelona’s famous Monumental arena, where top matadors performed.

Lawmakers voted for the ban last year – the first in mainland Spain – after 180,000 people signed a petition.

They say the bullfighting is barbaric, but opponents say they will challenge the ban in Spain’s top court.

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No glory here as a noble animal awaits the release of death

Bullfighting has to be one of the bloodiest sports that man has perpetrated on the animal kingdom. In today’s world there is no place for this type of atrocity and many animal rights proponents will be glad (as I am) that some parts of the world are slowly coming to their senses and banning the barbaric ‘sport.’ It isn’t a sport, a sport is where the opponents have an equal chance. The bulls do not. Personally, I cheer when the bull wins or inflicts a serious blow to his tormentor.

Paybacks are a bitch

This was written up as an accident, I would rather believe it was providence.

No sympathy from me.