Bike sex case sparks legal debate

My love, I will never leave you!

The case of a man convicted of simulating sex with his bicycle has sparked a debate about human rights and the privacy of an individual.

Internet message boards have been buzzing with comment about the case of Robert Stewart, 51, from Ayr.

He was reported by cleaners at a hostel who unlocked his door and found him engaged in a sex act with his bike.

Stewart was put on the Sex Offenders’ Register, which some posters said was an over-reaction by the sheriff.

Stewart admitted a sexually aggravated breach of the peace by conducting himself in a disorderly manner and simulating sex. As well as being put on register for three years, he was put on probation for the same length of time.

More than a million people have read the story on the BBC news website and it has been hotly debated on forums elsewhere.

One contributor asked: “Would they have done the same to a woman with a sex toy?

“Apart from the fact that the sex toy was manufactured for the purpose, and a bicycle wasn’t, I really don’t see that the two acts are all that different.”

Another blogger said: “I am more disturbed by the sheriff’s ruling than the act of having sex with a bike.”

Source: BBC News Read more (I changed the image caption, it was funnier)


This makes every male on the planet, who has ever played with Mum’s vacuum cleaner (and probably a few women), Guilty!

Including, I imagine, the sheriff… either that or he had a very deprived childhood.