“If popular culture has taught us anything, it is that someday mankind must face and destroy the growing robot menace.”

It is said that humans are most scared of robots similar but not identical to them

Author and robotic engineer Daniel H Wilson’s description of How to Survive a Robot Uprising seems like it is straight out of a robot disaster movie.

From Terminator and Blade Runner to Transformers and Star Trek, robots are coming and the impending apocalypse is almost upon us.

At least that’s what Hollywood would have you believe.

And theme parks around the world are spending billions of dollars hoping that the thrill of robots can entice tourists.

“The problem with tools – which is what robots are – is that we become dependent on them,” says Wilson, whose new novel Robopocalypse is being made into a film directed by Steven Spielberg.

“That’s scary, so we contemplate the disaster scenarios that could come from being over-dependent on tools.

“It’s true – our tools could fail someday – but it doesn’t mean they’re malevolent or immoral or have an ethical bias.”

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What puzzles me is, why do we need robots?

A few decades ago we were told that with progress would come a better world with more time for recreation. Well that is bullshit! We have progress, we are getting more progress and we are working harder, more hours and less money; plus the unemployment,ment rates are sky high.

We don’t need most robots. Not when we have a surplus of people looking for jobs.

We should be scared of robots, not for the reasons cited above, but because their very existence is undermining man’s future.