Giant Mummy Discovered in Peru

Are we looking at an alien?

Peruvian researchers are puzzled on Friday over an oddly formed mummy found recently in the Cuzco region, the heart of Incan civilization.

The mummy now sits in the Ritos Andinos Museum in Andahuaylillas, some 685 miles southeast of Lima.

Here, anthropologist Renata Davila explained some of the strange features of the mummy.

[Renato Davila, Director, Ritos Andinos Museum]:
“It’s 20 inches tall, which doesn’t coincide with the stereotypes of humans. It’s head is triangular and the eye cavities are too big.”

Davila also pointed to a strange flange on the jaw and the development of teeth that don’t match the mummy’s apparent age.

[Renato Davila, Director, Ritos Andinos Museum]:
“The lower front part of the jaw has a kind of fin that doesn’t exist in any ethnicity in the world. The opening at the top of the head also calls for attention, and it has wisdom teeth and molars that also don’t coincide with any human being.”

Back in Lima, anthropologist Pablo Bayabar attempted to put together the pieces of the malformed mummy.

[Pablo Bayabar, Anthropologist]:
“Children’s heads are proportionally bigger than their bodies. Here we have two points. First, the fontanelle is open, which usually closes at 31 months. And it has molars that usually appears between approximately 13 and 19 months. So we are looking at a child under two years old with an enormous head.”

Source: NTD Television There’s a video clip there, it’s not on YouTube yet so I can’t show you.


Oh yes, I have an opinion here. Did you for a moment think I wouldn’t?

Yes, triangular shape, big head, large eyes, seems to fit.

Check out this site: ArchaeoBlog and see what they have to say. Seems they are reading a little more into this than the original report NTD TV that I found; as does the original story (in Spanish) on RPP.

It seems the general consensus is that the mummy is of terrestrial origin. The mummification maybe, but not the subject.