Most people don’t even know that Papua exists, nor that it is a part of Indonesia.

What was Dutch New Guinea (in the days of the Dutch East Indies), then Irian Barat, later Irian Jaya and finally renamed in 2002, Papua. With the creation of West Papua in 2007 being the western peninsula of Papua

It is the eastern-most part of Indonesia.

Independence has more recently been a ticklish issue, with several attempts in recent years.

Some sights from this remote part of the world.

Traditional fishing boat in a water village, Manokwari, West Papua

Image: Matthew Oldfield Photography

Pristine waters of West Papua


The natives of West Papua

Image: BugHog com

Exotic marine life - Tambja gabrielae - a sea slug


More exotic marine life - “Mandarin fish” Pterosynchiropus splendidus

Image: Great Indonesia

Hollandia, the capital city of West Papua

Image: West Papua Post Office Blog