Sydney Possuelo

No, it’s not Superman, nor any other caped crusader. According to Time Kids magazine and the UN, it is Sydney Possuelo.

Who is Sydney Possuelo?

Sydney Possuelo is one of the very last explorers. He is Brazilian. In 2006 he was sacked by FUNAI (the Foundation for Indian Affairs) because he spoke the truth. He criticised the FUNAI president, Mércio Pereira Gomes, for saying during a press interview that “Indians had too much land,” a position that was totally incompatible with his position as protector of the same.

To Possuelo that statement was frightening. It was exactly what the farmers, ranchers, goldminers and loggers have been saying for years as they massacred, stole, deforested and raped  Indian lands. The position was official, even confirmed by Brazil’s then president Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva. The Brazilian government had admitted it was anti-Indigenous people.

But that’s enough of the ‘official’ stuff. You can read more about Sydney Possuelo’s life and works.

What brings Sydney to my attention is his belief as explained:

…activist Sydney Possuelo, who considered the Arrow People a kind of test case for his policy that the best thing to do with isolated indigeneous groups was to leave them to their own devices. If Possuelo was right, they would find a “thriving” people who were “far better off [in isolation] than they’d be under any scheme to integrate them into mainstream modern society.”

This is the true face of the land, it is he who should inherit, not the invaders

This concept is so dear to my heart and thinking. The indigenous people of the world are the ones, the only ones that have a right to their lands. The white invaders, the interlopers are the barbaric ones who came and plundered and slaughtered. It was the whites that brought diseases against which the indigenous peoples had no defences. It was the white who told them they were naked. It was the whites who decimated these people in the name of religion.

I agree with Sydney Possuelo, leave these people in peace, leave them alone, leave them to live their lives without further interference. Haven’t we already done enough damage?