Fear, dread, loathing

The toilet instills fear in us from the time we are potty trained.


We are afraid of the smells, afraid of the water, afraid of making the slightest mes and afraid of skid marks if we don’t wipe properly.


The fear of toilets has become a dread in these days of modern technology…

Dropping your cellphone in the toilet.

“Oh no, I killed it!”

Fear not!

The solution is at hand…

There are few things more frustrating than losing your cellphone to water damage. The electronics are not designed for contact with water, so if your hand-held device slips from your grasp and lands in the toilet, the chances are it’s gone forever. At least that used to be the case. A California company has come up with a nano-coating it says will protect your phone from water damage.

Check the video all is not lost.