A cup of coffee – for what it’s worth

Customers need only pay what they think their food and drink was worth

How much does a cup of coffee cost in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter?

If you thought £1, £2 or even £3, you would be wrong.

Because in one cafe, a cup of coffee costs exactly whatever you think it’s worth.

The Dock Cafe opened last week and instead of a till, it has an honesty box.

The cafe, run by the Docks Church, asks customers to enjoy their tea, coffee and whatever buns and biscuits they want and then leave a contribution on their way out.

If that’s unheard of, the interesting thing is that so far, the cafe management believes it has made more money that if it were charging £1.95 for a cup of coffee.

The cafe is near where the SS Nomadic sits in the Titanic Quarter and has been granted a “meanwhile lease” for commercial premises.

That means it can operate without paying commercial rent and just covering the running of the cafe.

Rev Chris Bennett, the chaplain for the Titanic Quarter, said the scheme has been a huge success so far.

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