Goldman Sachs resignation: Muppet letter is everyone’s fantasy

Goldman Sachs staff allegedly referred to clients as muppets

Many of us have imagined writing a letter of resignation that shakes our bosses to the core, but few have actually done it, and rarely even then has the letter been read by millions. Greg Smith, who quit Goldman Sachs this week, has realised our fantasy.

The lyrics are as heartbreaking as they are prescient: “I look into these eyes, and I don’t recognise, the one I see inside. It’s time for me to decide – am I a man or am I a muppet?”

Walter sang these words in the recent Muppet Movie but equally he could have been singing the innermost thoughts of Greg Smith, the Goldman Sachs banker, who walked out in style this week with a resignation letter printed in the New York Times.

Among other things, he was upset with the way managers routinely referred to their clients as muppets. Greg obviously felt more of an affinity with the lovable puppets than the cruel investment bankers who had their hands inserted up their clients’… Aaanyway…

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