The RNZAF has pretty new helicopters…

But they don’t like flying in the snow; among other shortcomings.

Apparently, someone didn’t do their homework.

New airforce NH-90 helicopters flawed

The RNZAF NH90, taken in France before delivery to New Zealand. Photo -

The Defence Force has hit back at claims that eight new airforce helicopters, worth more than $700 million, will not be able to fly in snowy conditions even after they have been fixed.

Auditor-General Lyn Provost said in a report published on the Defence Force website this week that the fleet of high technology NH-90s were riddled with problems.

They were “prone to damage” from debris drawn into the engines and needed screens over the engines to mitigate the risk, she said.

Provost said the helicopters would still not be able to operate in snowy conditions once the screens had been fitted and that while a solution might be worked out it would take time and would mean the helicopters were taken out of service, affecting aircrew training.

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