Australia may well have the world beaten by having the fastest toilet in the world (see yesterday’s post), but their neighbours undoubtedly take the cake.

New Zealand university students in the south of the country in Dunedin play ‘possum.

A brushtail possum behaving well in New Zealand. Students ‘copying’ possums have been perching in trees and drinking until they fall over. Photograph: Animal Health Board Inc/AFP/Getty Images

Opossums are well behaved creatures even if they are considered a noxious pest.

Whereas the students who play ‘possum are considered obnoxious pests.

There is a subtle, but distinct difference.

The rules of ‘possum are simple: You climb a tree with your stash of beer and drink until you fall out of the tree.

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Personally, I fail to see the that playing ‘possum will ever become an Olympic sport, but who knows?

Maybe records could be sent to the Guinness Book of World Records… The fastest player to achieve downward momentum. The student who can break the most bones in free fall.

The possibilities are endless.

As endless as the stupidity.