Sulawesi, formerly The Celebes

The island of Sulawesi (formerly The Celebes) in Indonesia is the village of Toraja where the dead walk to their resting place.

Is it true?

Can the dead walk?

Apparently there are still people in the village that have the power to make the dead walk.

Torajans are famous for their elaborate funeral rites, burial sites carved into rocky cliffs, massive peaked-roof traditional houses.

Sulawesi is a mixture of Christian, Muslims and Animist, Aluk To Dolo (“Way of the Ancestors”).

Tongkonan are the traditional Torajan ancestral houses

Effigies of the dead gaze out over their land

These last two images, I discovered, are from Madness and Beauty, give them credit. Good story there.

But apart from the gory death ritual where they slaughter many buffalo and pigs, it is the walking dead that makes this place a mystery

The walking dead

Apparently this is the only known photo. There has been much ridicule over whether it is faked. But since the time of the Dutch colonisation in the 1600s this story has persisted.

The mystery continues…