Perched high on someone’s shoulder so 11 year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney of the Sliammon First Nation could be seen by the crowd. Listen and watch as she delivers a resounding rebuke at Rio +20 via the ‘human mic’ with a powerful message to world leaders.

Ta’kaiya has been accused of rehearsing this speech, but a report from someone who was there says not.

“None of Ta’Kaiya’s speech was scripted – we all just stood up, one after another and spoke to how we felt about the process, what was happening there and how we were going to take it back. Many people stood up and spoke from Amazonian elders to Asian youth to average white guys such as Bill McGibbon who were all there in solidarity. Ta’Kaiya is a very thoughtful, well-spoken young woman. She is not there because she is “cute” or “young” or “aboriginal” although she is all of those things.” – From a comment on –

Once again we see that the wisdom of the young far surpasses anything that we have in government.