Ever wondered if a nail could pierce bone? A Masterton man apparently did, so he placed a nailgun against his forehead and pulled the trigger to find out.

The nail shot into his skull, pinned his beanie to his head and came to rest behind his nose.

“He actually walked himself into the hospital and was laughing about it,” said Vicki Hookham, charge nurse manager at Wairarapa Hospital’s Emergency Department.

“I think he thought it was quite funny.”

He was transferred to Wellington Hospital where the nail was removed, leaving him without sight in one eye.

“It turned out they were seeing if it would go through the bone,” Ms Hookham said.

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I am speechless.

A nailgun has the power to embed a nail into concrete by using an explosive cartridge, and this guy put it against his head…

Supposedly, we are endowed with the powers of reason. That’s what sets us apart from the animal kingdom.

But then we have religion on the same premise, so it doesn’t really surprise me that someone is stupid enough to be bereft of that same reason.

I wonder if he next act will be to wonder why it didn’t hurt and do it again to find out.

The thing that really disturbs me is that he is from New Zealand, the same part of the end of the world that I hale from.

Please keep nailguns away from me.