This is a rant. I know this is not my political blog, but the word needs to get out about this.




It has been assumed that this condition, once it developed, was essentially incurable. Treatment is a life long process of insulin injections.

I do not have diabetes, although my mother does in a mild form, so I am by no means an expert on the subject, but I do know enough to be aware that a life with diabetes is not pleasant.

Essentially Incurable

I have just found out that this is a lie.

There has been a cheap vaccine available for 90 years, albeit a tuberculosis vaccine, it has the side effect of kick-starting the pancreas into producing insulin. It is the pancreas’ failure to produce insulin that causes diabetes.

More recently researchers have been working on producing this vaccine and getting it on the market.

Before you go further, I want you to read this post: If You Wonder Why Medical CURES Are So Rare…  My source: Running ‘Cause I Can’t Fly

Good, now do you see what my gripe is?

It’s all about profit, NOT people

Big Pharma are not interested in this vaccine because there’s no profit.

It’s more profitable to “control” a disease than cure it.

Which in turn, raises the issue; Are all these chronic conditions that we suffer from truly incurable?

Big Pharma is not interested in anything that does not make money, that doesn’t make a profit.

Your suffering is of no interest to them. Why should you have a vaccine that can cure diabetes in a short time by helping your body repair itself, when they can make money out of you for the rest of your life?

Big Pharma

Profits, not people

These and all the other pharmaceutical companies are a blight on medicine

Oh, and the interesting thing is, your governments allow this, not only allow it, they encourage Big Pharma to do it, because the more money Big Pharma makes, the more generous are their political bribes donations.

The politicians are only interested in re-election, if the Big Pharma companies pay for that, then they must be okay.

Big Pharma

owns your government

make no mistake about that. Only you, the people, have the power to stop this travesty.


Big Pharma is screwing you!