Jamila is a survivor of a machete attack on the village of Kilelengwani

In the village of Kilelengwani, the morning of 10 September began just like any other Monday.

Then suddenly, says Ismail Bodole, a resident of this small settlement of several dozen thatched mud houses, the place was surrounded by a group of armed men.

“They were many,” he says. “They had red scarves tied around their foreheads. They were shouting, ‘Kill, kill, kill!’ That was their roar.”

The attackers were several hundred strong. Some were armed with guns, but most carried spears, machetes, or bows and arrows.

They set fire to the villagers’ huts. Then they hacked them to death: men, women and children, indiscriminately.

At a hospital in the nearby town of Malindi, we met Jamila, a survivor of that attack. She is eight years old. The left side of her face was slashed from ear to mouth: a machete wound, a doctor said.

Jamila’s condition was stable, he added; she would pull through. She was too traumatised to speak for herself.

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We live in a terrible world where children are treated like this.