Caution: Strong words ahead

The first use:

“Not only have you got a fucking bent husband and a fucking daughter that gets taken to school in a fucking sedan chair, you’re also fucking mental. Jesus Christ, you are the fucking omnishambles, that’s what you are. You’re like that coffee machine, you know: from bean to cup, you fuck up.”

—Malcolm Tucker (Capaldi) to Nicola Murray (Front), “Series 3, Episode 1”

First official use:

“On charities, the reality is that the Prime Minister is not making the rich worse off. He is making charities worse off. Over the past month we have seen the charity tax shambles, the churches tax shambles, the caravan tax shambles and the pasty tax shambles, so we are all keen to hear the Prime Minister’s view on why he thinks, four weeks on from the Budget, even people within Downing Street are calling it an omnishambles Budget.”

Ed Miliband, MP, Prime Ministers Questions, 18 April 2012

First American use:

Democratic National Committee quickly released a campaign ad by the name “#RomneyShambles” highlighting criticisms of Romney’s diplomacy made by politicians and journalists.


In Brazil we call it ‘a pizza’.

Closely related to ‘SNAFU’ and ‘clusterfuck.’

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