Has the search for original names gone too far?

A new mum has reportedly called her baby after the ubiquitous Twitter symbol. She may well live to regret her rash choice …

A baby’s name isn’t just for Christmas … Photograph: Hannes Hepp/Corbis

It may be a joke or a hoax but one new mum has apparently announced on Facebook that her newborn baby girl is called Hashtag.

This name, an apparent tribute to the ubiquitous # symbol in social media, has led to predictable outrage in the Twittersphere.

The biggest objection is that the child will be lumbered with a name that will draw scorn in the playground. No one born in 1983 is called Amstrad or Pac-Man, after all. But fears of a life of cyberbullying for Hashtag are unfounded as she will be hanging out with Caligula and Boudicca if she lives in north London and Kaiden and Luca-Ky if she lives in Norwich. In a playground of weird names, Hashtag will fit right in.

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Call me # for short…