I had never considered a name for an aural orgasm before, interesting concept.

I found the idea on Audio Sexxx (Eargasms found here), James followed my Bullshit Corner blog, I always visit those that follow me even if I don’t follow back; not because I don’t like the blog, but because it’s outside my sphere of interest. I don’t follow the ‘you follow – I’ll follow back principle’.

But on visiting Audio Sexx, I was met with a soundtrack device, which I normally ignore, however reading the comments piqued my interest, I went back and had a listen to Crown Chakra by Philosopher’s Stone and left this comment:

“Thanks for the follow. I am not a ‘music’ person, although there is a lot that I enjoy. Finding something that gives me a ‘eargasm’, is like trying to find rockinghorse poo… I think I just found some rockinghorse poo! I’ll be reposting this, but not on Bullshit Corner, it deserves a better fate. BTW, I love that you respond to all comments, that’s my philosophy too.”

Which is why I am posting it here on Tomus. Great instrumental, go and have a listen.