1. Beer bellies are a myth – alcohol does not target the gut.

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2. Birds are suffering from the “harmful misuse” of mobile phone apps that mimic birdsong.

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3. There’s a previously undiscovered sixth layer in the eye’s cornea – the Dua layer.

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4. Cats born with two faces are known as Janus cats.

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5. Chickens lost their penises because of a gene called Bmp4.

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6. Until recently the US Navy had a requirement that all official messages be sent in capital letters.

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7. Men are to blame for the menopause.

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8. A flamingo-like pterosaur used gravel to aid digestion.

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9. A protein called myoglobin allows mammals including whales and seals to hold their breath underwater for an hour.

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10. Venezuelans are using mobile phone apps to locate scarce toilet paper.

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