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Do you know why NASA has never discovered alien life beyond Earth?

Why are we the aliens, the Terran’s, humans.

NASA sought out there, far, had [they] sought here, [they]would have discovered the truth.

We humans are the aliens who come, we destroy Mars and fled to Earth, [which] we are now also destroying.

It remains to wait and see where we’ll run to now, after having destroyed Mars and Earth.

We, the human beasts are the aliens that have colonized the Earth, and now we are destroying it after colonized and livable.

Several post Martian civilizations rebuilt, [and] have been destroyed on Earth, since we arrived, but everything indicates that it is the last.


This is what I have always said.

I formed this opinion after reading Eric von Daniken’s books, after which I shunned the church and everything it stood for at the age of 12.

I tend to agree with the writer, that this is possibly the last stand for humans, we have lost/haven’t progressed enough to under go another colonisation.

This is supported by the fact that we are just now planning to send men back to Mars on a one way trip. Time has literally run out for a more distant migration.

The human species dies, here and now!