Christian Bale’s Batman advice to Ben Affleck: don’t pee in the Batsuit

Christian Bale’s suggestion for new Batman Ben Affleck was simple: going to the toilet in costume is a humiliating experience

‘Don’t think of water. Don’t think of water. Don’t think of water’ … Christian Bale as Batman.

He has battled villains the Joker, the Penguin and Ra’s al Ghul and saved the city of Gotham countless times, but Christian Bale has told incoming Batman Ben Affleck that the hardest thing about playing the caped crusader is going to the toilet.

Bale, who became one of Hollywood’s best-known stars during his three-film run as the DC Comics superhero, was asked if he had offered any advice to Affleck in the wake of the latter’s casting in the upcoming “Superman vs Batman” movie. His advice: avoid getting caught short in the Batsuit.

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