St Piran's Flag

St Piran’s Flag

St Piran…

Oh, you’ve heard about St Andrew, St George and St Patrick, but you’ve never heard about St Piran. He even has a flag and is the Patron Saint of Cornwall.

St Piran was an abbot in 6th century Cornwall and, according to Wikipedia, he was the most famous saint.

“The heathen Irish tied him to a mill-stone, rolled it over the edge of a cliff into a stormy sea, which immediately became calm, and the saint floated safely over the water to land upon the sandy beach of Perranzabuloe in Cornwall.”Wikipedia

Legend has it that his flag is based on the melting of his black hearthstone (Cassiterite, a tin oxide bearing ore) the molten tin formed a cross, hence the flag design. This was also the rediscovery of the lost art of tin mining in Cornwall.

Through linguistic traits he is also identified as Saint Ciarán of Saighir, the Irish saint and they share the same day.

St Piran's cross, the oldest in the county - image: Nilfanion

St Piran’s cross, the oldest in the county – image: Nilfanion