It’s 30 years since the British decimal halfpenny was being phased out. Why did the UK hang on to a tiny coin for so long?

First minted in copper in 1717; minted in bronze from 1860, ceased to be legal tender in 1969

The halfpenny also had an image problem because it wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing as well, according to Hockenhull.

“It didn’t have the Royal Coat of Arms like the pound coin, an image of Britannia or the ship of the pre-decimal halfpenny. It was a boring looking coin – not one I can’t imagine anyone thinking beautiful. It also didn’t symbolise a national identity. The halfpenny was always a part of a penny, never its own entity. Back in the 1300s they used to literally cut pennies in half to get halfpennies, or quarters for a farthing,” he says.

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