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Che Guevara, the revolutionary guerrilla fighter, was shot and killed by an US-trained Bolivian soldier in 1961. He was shot as he sat unarmed and held in prisoner in a school in the jungle community known as La Higuera, Bolivia, where he had been trying to start a revolution. After that, he was transported to the nearby town of Vallegrande where his body was displayed at the local hospital. His bones were then buried in a field behind the airport in Vallegrande. How has Che’s legacy affected La Higuera and Vallegrande, Bolivia? Well, they are now full of people trying to make money off of Che Guevara. And who can blame them? Without Che, these places were nowhere to be found on a map. On my travels there last year, I came across many statues, museums, monuments, and dedications to Che that ranged from nice to tacky to ridiculous. I will try to rank these different memorials of Che using a ‘Che Happiness’ ranking…

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