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Liberia had not been in the international spotlight since its two deadly civil wars left profound human and economic damages between the late 90’s, and up until the year 2003, when the second Liberian civil war finally came to an end. Lately, however, the small West African nation has had all eyes on its ferocious fight against Ebola, which has claimed the lives of thousands and has threatened to de-stabilize the political and economic outlook of the already impoverished and fragile nation.

While Liberia battles to stay away from the eye of the storm, not surprisingly the international community has been asked to step in to help solve the emergency. However, among Liberians and other international actors, one country has more responsibility than others: the United States.

Liberia gained its independence in 1847 and became the world’s second black republic after Haiti. However, its historical ties to the United States…

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