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Arctic Convoy heroes to finally receive medal, 70 years after risking their lives to keep supplies open in a frozen hell

  • David Cameron delivers on pledge to introduce a specific Arctic Medal
  • Review by Sir John Holmes recommends a dedicated honour
  • PM promises WWII veterans of mission to keep supplies open to the Eastern Front the ‘recognition they so richly deserve’
  • Britain is finally to award medals to Second World War veterans of the Arctic Convoy missions, David Cameron announced today.

The government had previously refused to provide recognition of the sailors’ bravery in keeping supply lines open to the Eastern Front, because the conflict was too long ago.

Now today, acknowledging that the issue of medals had ‘gone on for a very long time’, The Prime Minister told MPs a review had concluded that the men would now ‘get the recognition they so richly deserve’.

Full story and photos

Full story and photos