Idea for a post from my regular commenter Tempo…

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Paz, Bolivia – would you ride in a Bam Bam taxi?


Peru also has ‘colectivos’ usually old 1960s American cars of dubious character (some drivers too) that ply between many cities. A hair raising trip between Ica & Nazca is a great one.


New Delhi, India

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, I think, Tempo…

Or would you prefer one from Jakarta, Indonesia…

TANGO FIRE – Verano Portenas

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Tango originated in Buenos Aires brothels but later evolved into a ball dance. This show is back to roots, group porn dance.

I have never seen tango this raunchy, but I am not surprised.

I am, however, familiar with the tango being danced on the streets in Buenos Aires. Each Sunday at the San Telmo market (a large street antiques fair) tango dancers entertain the tourists.

And below a show from La Ventana, one of the major tourist shows in Buenos Aires.

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