Changes to the world’s time scale debated

Time, as we know it, could soon be in for a radical change.

This week, scientists at the Royal Society are discussing whether we need to come up with a new definition of the world’s time scale: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

And the main issue up for debate is the leap second – and whether we should abolish it.

Atomic clocks are much better at keeping time than the Earth

The leap second came into existence in 1972. It is added to keep the time-scale based on atomic clocks in phase with the time-scale that is based on the Earth’s rotation.

The reason for this is that while atomic clocks, which use the vibrations in atoms to count the seconds, are incredibly accurate, the Earth is not such a reliable time-keeper thanks to a slight wobble as it spins on its axis.

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Apparently while the man on the street couldn’t give a damn, these leap seconds are vitally important.

Personally, I don’t mind, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the flavour of beer and coffee production.