The world of fashion oft repeats itself.

Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder

It appears as though ‘male body enhancers’ are on the comeback.

Heaven forbid.

Most of the English speaking world will be familiar with Blackadder (with the exception of the Americans because to understand Blackadder, you need a sense of humour) and his propensity for the cod piece; preferably one that puts the fear of God into the clergy and impresses Queen Elizabeth I.

GWB to impress America

Many fictional characters, and some non-fictional have resorted to the codpiece, Batman needed to impress Robin, King Henry VIIIth to impress his wives, various cinema aliens to threaten Earthlings, the ominous codpiece appeared in Clockwork Orange, Micahel Jackson to impress… well never mind that,  and George Bush to impress America.

The cod piece, a centre of male insecurity, and other body enhancing parts are returning; butt enhancers, testicle lifters, corsets and ‘mantyhose’ are all the rage on mailorder.

All is available for the discerning man who wishes to let the world know if he ‘dresses’ to the left or the right.

Check here for further details.

The world is so screwed up, because I fear it will all be to no avail. Reading last night it would appear that sex, love, pregnancy, etc are on the way out; superfluous.

So for the men it won’t be worth a damp cod piece whether you are hung or not; whether or not you have a squib or a banger.

I find the whole thing rather disturbing.

Mary is going to lose her place in Biblical history as virgin births become a daily event. Yes, virgin births, I kid you not.

The role of the male is diminishing, along with his sperm count because of tight jeans; unless you eat a lot of walnuts… apparently.

The technologies are available to remove reproduction from the sex equation.

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It’s a tad more than disconcerting; bordering more on the disgusting.