Here is Brazil it is 11am, but elsewhere in the world the New Year has already been honoured.

In Auckland, New Zealand it is already 2pm on the 1st January, 2013. Their New Year was like this:

Auckland City waterfront view

Auckland City waterfront view – image:

Sydney, Australia just two hours later…

Sydney's famous harbour bridge and opera house

Sydney’s famous harbour bridge and opera house: image

And in Myanmar (formerly Burma) emerging from the cold, New Year for the first time…

Preparing for the countdown in Rangoon

Preparing for the countdown in Rangoon


Fireworks burst above Yangon’s landmark Shwedagon pagoda as Myanmar : image –

For some spectacular photos of recent New Years around the world visit the images are truly magnificent.

Here in Brazil, we still have 13 hours to wait for our Copacabana Beach spectacle. This year an estimated 2 million people will flock to the famous beach for the biggest party in the world.

This clip 1:22 of the 16 minutes of Copacabana’s display last New Year…